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Research on bio-sensing technologies and its applications

On 7 – 10 May, 2017, the 5th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology took place in Riva Del Garda, Italy.  The event brought together leaders from industry and academia to exchange and share their experiences, present research results, explore collaborations and to spark new ideas, with the aim of developing new projects and exploiting new technology for bio-sensing applications. During the event, several interesting research results were presented including: the development of biosensors using optical fibres, of cotton fibres coated with CNTs, the description of different PCR free techniques, the demonstration of a wearable (wristband) graphene sensor and of a paper based microfluidic devices for urine analysis. Posters on the integration of Raman within multi-task instrument and the concept of Internet of the Body were shown respectively by Horiba and IBM. Presentations about IoT/Connected workplaces (stress/fatigue monitoring), OLED used in lateral flow strips and detection of E.coli in the ice cream production were provided by the industries Toshiba, Cambridge Display Technology and Carpigiani.

Linked to the presentation from the US Naval Research Lab regarding the importance of funding for research activities, Elena Turco of AMIRES presented ULTRAPLACAD project as a success case. The project impact, IVD and liquid biopsy market overview and benchmarking with existing systems on market were presented (click HERE for the presentation).