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Cooperation offers of Mendel University for H2020 projects

In view of the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls for 2018, Mendel University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in Brno, Czech Republic (click HERE), its Laboratory of cancer biology and nanomedicine, presents the following two project ideas:

  • Nanobiotechnologies based on nanoparticles supported by protein cages with catalytic and enzyme-mimetic activity (click HERE for details)
  • Engineered protein cages based on apoferritins for active drug delivery and environmental-responsive intracellular disassociation and release of anticancer drugs (click HERE details)

The presented ideas fall into the scope of the following H2020 calls for 2018:

SC1-BHC-09-2018      Innovation platforms for advanced therapies of the future
BIOTEC-04-2018        New biotechnologies for environmental remediation

For details or questions, please contact Dr. Dagmar Hegerova at or +420 728 048 137.