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Expanding EffiBUILDING

EBlogo300 is the number of products in EffiBUILDING reached in this month. A relevant goal for this innovative initiative that provides an overview of the latest state of the art to professionals in design and refurbishment of buildings or anyone interested in selecting and comparing an appropriate product.  Important world key players in the efficient windows, facades systems, PV models and sensors are now present in the database with the latest products or prototypes offered in the market. This approach makes EffiBUILDING a marketing tool open 24h and connected with all the world for component producers. You can promote your product and get free access to the database by entering a product or prototype details here and you will receive login details by email (details must be complete and will be controlled by Product Manager). If you have any questions about EffiBUILDING, you are more than welcome to contact our Product Manager Fabrizio Perrotta.