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First SABINA National Based Workshop

H2020 SABINA project is organising its first national based workshop “New business model for innovative companies in the energy sector”, that will take place in Horsens, Denmark on November 9, 2017.

The electricity grids of Member States across the EU are struggling with capacity problems caused by intermittent generation. SABINA is a Horizon 2020 project that targets thermal inertia to achieve energy flexibility in buildings, helping to reach the EU’s long-term objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The uniqueness of the SABINA solution lies also on the novelty of its business model that will address innovative companies in the energy sector to enhance the use of heat pumps and serve as heating suppliers, developing flexibility aggregators for energy trading and balancing services.

This workshop will discuss how such a business model can be adapted to different countries and create new market opportunities for both current and new independent commercial aggregators. Opportunities and barriers for economic actors operating in the energy management sector, with specific emphasis on small and medium enterprises, will be also investigated and discussed.

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