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Recipe for successful SME proposal re-submission

On 23 November, 2016, the Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Science hosted in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic a SME Instrument Conference. The aim of the event was to support motivation and success rate of Czech entities in this specific Horizon 2020 domain.  During the conference, Elena Turco of AMIRES has delivered a presentation PHOSave: recipe for successful proposal re-submission, revealing tips and suggestions for proposal improvement.  The key takeaways are:

  • Reach out to a consultant for the interpretation of the Evaluation Summary Report (to have a third-party perspective)
  • Respect the structure of the European Commission templates
  • Organize the contents in logical sub-chapters (to help the evaluators find the key information)
  • Use tables and schemes and add quantified data (both technical and business impact related) already in the first page
  • Focus on development of a comprehensive business plan
  • Justify well the use of resources and the selection of subcontractors (not just based on quotations but covering other aspects i.e. long term cooperation, recommended by users, etc.)

For further details click HERE to see the presentation or contact Elena Turco.