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Report on Micro-Nano-Bio-Systems technology and market for its products

As a follow-up to the 10th Concertation & Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio- Systems-MNBS 2016, which took place in June 2016 in Otranto, Italy, a report (click HERE) providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of MNBS technology and the market for its products, was published. Focusing on MNBS applications in healthcare, agriculture, food and the environment the workshop discussed „advances made in commercialization of projects and drew on the lessons learnt from late stage or completed projects. The role of validation was strongly reinforced and a clear piece of best practice: ensure validation at the earliest possible stage, emerged. Many projects demonstrated the importance of the development of the commercial team in effective exploitation.“

Some of the MNBS technology recommendations suggested by the report:

  • Healthcare applications of MNBS should remain a major focus for the sector, e.g. PoC diagnostics, personalized medicine and health monitoring.
  • Expand the applications of MNBS in agriculture, food and environment markets, with a strong focus on low cost systems.
  • A strong push to modularization is recommended (Lego brick model).
  • Encourage the links between MNBS and other technology areas.

MEDILIGHT project was represented by Dr. Dionysios Manessis, who presented MEDILIGHT research on the chronic wound healing using the light therapy.