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Supporting Research and Innovation Excellence in EU

In a quest to nurture research and innovation excellence across EU and closing the gap between high- and low-performing EU countries in R&I , the European Commission has selected this week 10 knowledge centres that will receive together €140 million funding from Horizon 2020. This action will help bring these centres located in low-performing countries in R&I to the level of scientific excellence. Each project will receive maximum €15 million from the so-called Teaming instrument run under Horizon 2020, which is designed to facilitate institution building in eligible countries in close cooperation with Europe’s leading scientific and innovation powerhouses. The overall budget for these measures is expected to increase during the last three years of Horizon 2020.

AMIRES was happy to support its partner HiLASE in applying for funding of a new „Centre of Excellence“ (CoE) for the industrial exploitation of new laser technology in the Czech Republic. Scientists from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences  and the STFC’s Central Laser Facility in Oxfordshire, UK, will work together on the 5.5 year / €45 M  project. HiLASE incorporates advanced solid state laser systems that are ideally suited to hi-tech industrial applications, opening up new processing techniques for surface hardening, semiconductor processing and micro/nano-machining, for example. Click HERE for find out more about the project.