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TRIBUTE Concluded at its Final Conference

TRIBUTE final conference took place at Espace Encan in La Rochelle, France on 20th September 2017. During the event, the project was revealed to the public and the results were made well known to the audience. This was a very important action for the recognition of the project to the public and for giving the importance of project’s targets regarding the building energy performance problematic through the introduction of improved buildings’ simulation connected with continuous building monitoring. The representatives from the whole project’s consortium as well as external expert keynote speakers were giving presentation and gladly answering all the questions given from the public.

The conference attracted a wide range of stakeholders from the whole value chain, such as representatives from the industrial sector and the public authorities, engineers from different field as well as students and private investors. Additionally, press conference with the key persons form the project was organized for the local and national media.  A day after the final conference, the TRIBUTE team also met with its Project Technical Advisor at its final review to conclude the work done during last 4 year.