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A new strategy for the European Commission’s international cooperation in research and innovation

On the 18th of May 2021 the European Commission adopted a Communication on its Global Approach to Research and Innovation. The aim is to take a leading role in supporting international research and innovation partnership, and to deliver innovative solutions to make our societies green, digital and healthy.

The strategic priority for the European Union (EU) is to bring together the best minds from around the world. However, the EU as well pointed out that there are still geopolitical tensions rising as well as the human rights and fundamental values are questioned. The response to all mentioned is to lead by example, promoting multilateralism, openness and reciprocity together by cooperation with the rest of the world. The new Horizon Europe framework program remains open to cooperation with third countries, now offering the opportunity to join for non-European countries that share European values and have a strong scientific profile.

Two main aims of the strategy are:

  1. it aims for a research and innovation environment that is based on rules and values, and it is also open by default, to help researchers and innovators around the world work together in multilateral partnerships and find solutions to global challenges
  2. It aims to ensure reciprocity and a level-playing field in international cooperation in research and innovation.

To achieve its goals, the EU will support researchers and their organizations to help accelerate sustainable development in low and middle-income countries as well with a “African initiative” under Horizon Europe. The European Commission highlight that Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation framework programme 2021-2027 will be the main key for implementation of this strategy.

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