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AMIplexus Insights into H2020 Photovoltaics Projects

About 106 organizations are involved in the field of photovoltaics within already funded Horizon 2020 projects. 43 of these are private companies for profit such as Acciona Construccion Sa, Wirtschaft Und Infrastruktur Gmbh & Co Planungs Kg, and Onyx Solar Energy S.L. The key players involved in a majority of the projects include CEA, Tecnalia and Fraunhofer.

Research in this area is focused on technologies such as multi-junction cells based on III-V semiconductors that use nanowires and monolithic multi-junction (MJ) solar cells. Other advancement in this field is the use of materials such as multi-functionalised silica nano-particles that allow for self-cleaning abilities as well as solid-state perovskite and organic molecules.

The advancements in photovoltaics are aimed at reducing GHG emissions while reducing material needs by making the cells lighter with higher efficiencies.

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