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AMIplexus Insights into H2020 Spectral Imaging Projects

In Horizon 2020 there are about 20 funded projects involving spectral imaging with about 142 organizations participating in them. 64 of these are private for-profit companies. The key players are Quest Photonic Devices Bv, Cmosis Nv, Planetek Italia Srl, New Infrared Technologies Sl and M-Squared Lasers Limited. Considering higher education and research institutions, the most active in this domain are CNRS, Fraunhofer, Max-Planck, CEA, and TU Delft.

The focus areas of research include new spectral imaging techniques such as the application of semiconductor emitters operating at room temperature within the terahertz (THz) spectral region, development of image-based laser processing closed-loop control and use of hyperspectral imaging sensors. Within these projects, the main areas of application are medical diagnostics, gas and material detection as well as surveillance, security and environmental sensing for public safety.

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