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AMIplexus Launch at REinEU2016

It is about a month, since the Re-Industrialization of the European Union 2016 (REinEU2016) event took place in Bratislava, Slovakia.  The conference convened hundreds of representatives from European and international research, innovation communities, and the business sector, who discussed European re-industrialization in the following sessions: Technology trends for industries, Materials for energy and automotive, Industrial symbiosis and new value chain, R&D impact for industry, Human resources in reindustrialized Europe, Financial track and innovation. An outcome of the event was a development of Bratislava Agenda: A call for a European Industrial Revolution to Re-industrialise Europe. The process established by the 2016 Dutch and Slovak Presidencies of the Council of the European Union asserts the following key pillars of Re-industrialising Europe:

  1. Focusing on distinctive European innovations, including disruptive innovations;
  2. Fostering talent and skills for innovation;
  3. Bridging the innovation divide in Europe;
  4. Developing a common ecosystem for re-industrialising Europe;
  5. Improving quality of life, protection of human health and the environment.

Read more about Bratislava Agenda.

During the event, AMIRES hosted in its stand a launch of AMIplexus, a cooperation visualization engine, is an essential tool for H2020 project coordinators, innovation project managers, group leaders, technology scouts, advisers and coaches. Demonstrated by the large interest from the audience AMIplexus is an instrument for gaining a competitive advantage when developing innovative collaborative projects and provides a fundamental overview of any type of technology of application field, including key movers and their relations.  To find out more about AMIplexus contact Dr. Rudolf Fryček.