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AMIRES connections for industrially relevant & innovative projects for a better future

AMIRES is a management consulting company for both H2020 and FP7 projects. AMIRES s.r.o branch based in Prague, Czech Republic, is involved in WASCOP, ULTRAPLACAD, MEDILIGHT, PI-SCALE, MOSAIC, SABINA, InSCOPE and SmartEEs projects within the H2020 framework. In the FP7 it was participating in the AMBASSADOR, FLUIDGLASS, TRIBUTE and LASSIE-FP7 projects. The Neuchatel (Switzerland) based branch, AMIRES Sàrl, was involved in UnivSEM, and iONE-FP7 projects.
Collectively, AMIRES s.r.o and AMIRES Sàrl have partnered with over 120 unique partners in these projects. The visualization below illustrates these connections (magenta lines and red dots for AMIRES s.r.o, green lines and blue dots for AMIRES sarl). AMIRES partners are mostly concentrated in the industrial regions of Germany and Austria, UK, the Basque region of Spain, northern Italy, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.
Besides the project partners, AMIRES is also very active in SME coaching and SME Instrument proposals preparation and, thus, is connected to a wide network of SMEs. Recent examples include Pi Lighting, which got SME Phase 1 Seal of Excellence and now plan to demonstrate their Li-Fi system (click HERE for a video in French) or Swiss Advanced Vision, which is now looking for investors as they plan to disrupt the global intraocular lens (IOL) market with their active Intraocular Lens Concept with Real-Time Autofocus for Cataract Surgery (click HERE for details).