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AMIRES – Female power in STEM

February 11 is the day of the Girls and Women in Science, in which we celebrate all females who contribute to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.
Being that AMIRES is a company that seeks business innovation, through pushing the state-of the art technologies and advancement in Science in different fields, we count on excellent human resources, and great representation of women.

From 17 AMIRES team members, 10 are excellent female professionals in a high leadership position. Lenka Bajarova, AMIRES Managing Director, has outstanding scientific project management expertise and leads the AMIRES team. Moreover, from the other 9 women, 8 lead at least 1 EU funded project in STI (Science, Technology and Innovation). These incredible women share discussions, lead events and stir the outcomes of high-quality STI projects, whose consortia consist of companies, research centers, innovation centers, universities and even hospitals.

The Health Programme Manager, Martina Nesverova, is a senior team member with expertise in the Health and Biotech fields. With her thriving trajectory she has successfully led the preparation of proposals, which have been funded mainly by extremely competitive EU funding programmes. In addition, she had started long-standing partnerships with companies and research organisations not only in the Czech Republic.

A successful team is based on diversity and acknowledging the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. The AMIRES female team is a perfect example of this, bringing up a combination of skills and knowledge that encompasses different fields such as business, political sciences, international affairs, languages, biomedicine and even forensic entomology. Therefore, in AMIRES we have learned that by tackling situations from different angles provides more efficient and effective solutions from a multidisciplinary and enriched vision.

Science is not only found in a laboratory or in a university office, but is everywhere, and we need representation of women at all levels. At AMIRES we are showing it and we are making it our strength. Choosing AMIRES is choosing gender equality and empowerment of women in STEM.