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Discover the FlexFunction2Sustain Project Handbook!

We are pleased to announce officially the release of the FlexFunction2Sustain Project Handbook. It is an advertising material presenting the Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) for nano-functionalisation technologies that enable sustainable and smart plastics and paper-based products.

The Handbook aims at highlighting the core competencies and unique products and services of the ecosystem and what benefits it brings to their customers. In order to present the capabilities of the OITB, the Handbook provides a quick overview on the facilities covering all major nano-surface processing techniques for flexible plastic and paper surfaces and membranes. In addition to that, six application examples are presented to demonstrate how technical services of the OITB can be combined to solve complex industrial problems involving smart nanotechnologies and materials.

Click HERE to download the Handbook and follow the project website to not miss any project progress!