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EU launched new support scheme for women in Deep Tech

Thematically on the day that is internationally dedicated to women (8.3), the European Commission announced a new initiative called “Women TechEU”.

The aim is to support women leading deep tech start-ups in Europe. It is funded under European Innovation Ecosystem Work Programme of Horizon Europe and it will offer first-class coaching and mentoring to female CEOs and founders. Moreover it will be a targeted funding to help them to take their business to the next level.

“Women-led companies are on the rise” – the full view is that it is not only a matter of fairness, but also a major case of using Europe´s full potential of excellence in science and businesses. As per the latest statistics at least 25% of applications invited for the second stage of evaluation should come from the women-led companies.

To support the idea and fulfill the aim a call for mentors has been launched.

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