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European Innovation Council postponed the proposals from 16th June until 6th October

In April the European Innovation Council (EIC) announced the first funding opportunities and opened the first EIC Accelerator calls

Last week the EIC published on its twitter that they stopped new submissions from start-ups which were due on the 16th of June.

The official statement stated that they need to make several improvements to the Al-based platform which are expected to be introduced on 22nd June.

Before 16th June, the EIC has over 1,000 submissions to review. That is why it decided to stop new submissions for the first round of funding. Entrepreneurs who did not submit their pitches yet are left stranded as submissions closed without warning. Companies will now have to wait for reopening of the submission platform, with full proposal deadline on 6th October, to secure funding.

Based on the comments on official EIC twitter account, many people disagree with this decision and complain, because of the effort/budget investments done so far. One of the reasons is that start-up need a clear visibility of rules and timeline for funding.


Source: Official Twitter account of European Innovation Countil