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Extension Of The Open Research Data Pilot In H2020

With an update of the 2017 Work Programmes Open Research Data (ORD) Pilot was extended to cover all thematic areas of Horizon 2020. This change applies to all calls announced after 26.7.2016.  Otherwise the setup of the ORD pilot remains the same and is described in Article 29.3 of the Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement(s) or its equivalent. The ORD Pilot applies to the data needed to validate the results presented in scientific publications. Additionally, projects can choose to make other data available for open access and need to describe their approach in a Data Management Plan (DMP, see below). Any costs related to open access to research data and related data management and data sharing costs (including the creation of a DMP) will be reimbursed and specific technical and professional support services will be provided.

Further new element in Horizon 2020 is the use of Data Management Plans (DMPs) detailing what data the project will generate, whether and how it will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved. The use of a Data Management Plan is required for all Horizon 2020 projects, except if they opt-out of sharing their research data for one of the reasons indicated in general annex L. Note that a DMP is not required at submission stage. Rather, projects must provide a first version of the DMP within the first six months of the project (as a deliverable), to be updated as appropriate.

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