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H2020 Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

On 21 February 2017, AMIRES along with Service d’economie, and Euresearch held an event for companies from the Canton of Neuchâtel to present opportunities offered by H2020, particularly the news related to SME Instrument, previously not available to Swiss SMEs.  During the workshop, Dr. Rudolf Fryček (AMIRES) presented  the overall mission of Cantonal platinn support towards more accessible, less risky and less complicated involvement of companies in H2020 and he has shown the service started in 2015 is successful already, as it generated more than 2.2 M€ in H2020 grants for Neuchâtel-based companies.  Mr. Michel Delabays and Mr. Emile Dupont from Euresearch introduced the changes related to full association of Switzerland and the SME instrument conditions. R. Fryček shared the long-term experience in coaching and supporting SMEs, including applying for SME Instrument grants. He also presented some exemplary projects related to Neuchâtel industries. Some of the key messages were:

  • H2020 provides many opportunities for funding strategically focused innovation
  • SME Instrument is a unique tool for Swiss-based companies, particularly those having European Value chain and are targeting pan-European or Global market with their innovation
  • 16 Swiss SMEs submitted already their SME Instrument Phase I and already 4 Swiss SMEs submitted to Phase II and these numbers will grow exponentially
  • Testimonials of successful AMIRES supported SME Instrument applicants will be presented during the National event in Bern on 14th March 2017

After a lab visit at Alpes Lasers, a Swiss engineering company pioneering advanced light sources, especially Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) used in various applications such as gas detection, the participants had an opportunity to network, develop new contacts and discuss their project ideas.