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Happy Birthday AMIRES! We reminisced about our journey that has been keeping us 10 years on and celebrated at the Zámek Kynšperk, a beautiful castle in the Czech Republic, together with all the colleagues and their families. Within this period of time, we have grown an exceptional level of collective motivation in our team that describes our company culture.  AMIRES means a friend of the research and this serves as one of our guiding value such that our experiences and expertise can be only overshadowed by our friendly approach. By a friend we mean our employees – today we are already ten of us, from two 10 years ago. We come from 5 different nationalities, regardless the gender and race, including Italy, Kenya, Montenegro, Slovakia and Czech. With an equal number of men and women, our company embodies gender equality. We believe that our guidance and thematic expertise have uplifted your work and stimulate your results.

Greetings from our team and their family members.