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IndTech 2018 Takeaways

INDTECH2018, an event of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, combined workshops, keynote presentations, talks, matchmaking and exhibition. 12 pre-conference workshops were organized presenting results from EU funded projects and clustering initiatives dealing with batteries, photonics, characterization techniques, advanced materials, safety aspects and Life Cycle Assessment.

Most of the presentations of the conference were focused on the results from the consultation between the European Commission and large industries and how their requirements are reflected into the upcoming H2020 calls. Some aspects were highlighted several times during the event: 1) the required interconnection amongst the different European platforms and pilotlines and 2) the importance of data sharing for the definition of common standards and interfaces. Automation in manufacturing processes and sustainability of the developed technologies were also discussed. During the Medical Technologies session, digitization was pointed out as the current main driver of the industry.

In AMIRES booth, which was a part of the event’s exhibition, the various industrial technologies stakeholders were able to find how they can better benefit from the European research and innovation ecosystem. Examples inlcude:

  • Universities, RTOs and companies can increase their chances in winning Horizon 2020 funding, find the right partnrs for innovation, follow the latest technology trends and benchmark their performance via AMIplexus cooperation visualizaiton tool 
  • SMEs can innovate their product portfolio by digitization, adopting flexible electronics with the help of SmartEEs European accelleration program for integration of flexible electronics technologies into novel products and apply for the call for applications
  • Companies can explore new lighting applications with help of Lyteus European pilot line for flexible OLEDs
  • Companies can ask InScope pilot line for a help with integration of Hybrid TOLAE (H-TOLAE) technologies in the automotive, healthcare, smart packaging and building sectors