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Intelligent Efficient Solid State Lighting – Swissphotonics Workshop

Intelligent Efficient Solid State Lighting was a subject of Swissphotonics Workshop held on 12 December, 2016,  in the Pantheon at Muttenz near Basel. Around 100 representatives from R&D, companies, light designers, architects, end-users (e.g. large retailers, etc.) attended the event. The workshop was divided into two sessions: in the first session final results of the European Project LASSIE-FP7 were presented, with focus on the development of large-area intelligent SSL modules with high efficiency and high lighting quality; the second session was devoted to technical developments and industrial applications in the field of smart lighting, spanning from components to systems, as well as on the potential of SSL for innovative solutions for human centric lighting.

Carlos Lee, EPIC: “You have a unique opportunity to network with people from BASF, Insolight, Philips Lighting, Regent , Zumtobel Lighting, Fraunhofer, Lfoundry, Swedish Energy Agency, Swiss lighting association, Albis Photonics, CSEM, Exalos, Holst Centre, HTW Chur, Rolic Technologies, TRIOPTICS, VTT, AMIRES, Bartenbach, CEA, cenogent, Electrosuisse, Empa, Gaiker, Geting, iart, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Kimoto, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Metas, Sefar , Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swissflex Microelectronics, …”

Dr. Rolando Ferrini of CSEM, the coordinator of LASSIE-FP7 introduced the large area lights as an extensively used product in commercial lighting applications. “At the time of LASSIE-FP7 launch the costs for high-quality solutions were quite high and the true potential of modern technologies wasn’t utilized. Even though OLEDs constitute a possible solution for this type of lighting, their price is by far not competitive. The main challenge LASSIE-FP7 had to face was to find a concept for a thin fixture that would offer high light quality and color, or at least CCT tuneability, at a reasonable price, while having a small environmental impact. The key achievements of LASSIE-FP7 are:

  • high CRI above 90 with
  • high color accuracy within 3 to 1 step MacAdam ellipsis and
  • constant color over time due to an intelligent sensor feedback loop

Important aspects on regulations and standards and their unification in USA, Europe and China were presented by Dr. Peter Bennich. Applications for Superluminescent LEDs were presented by the company EXALOS. The role of pilotlines for OLED manufacturing and applications were presented by Dr. Erno Langendijk, coordinator of PI-SCALE project, and innovations in the software for improving the OLED performance were presented by FLUXIM. The last part of the workshop was dedicated to the effect of light on humans and the innovative solutions in the design, software programming and colour tuning. During the open discussion, current limitations and market opportunities were discussed with the strong participation of all the participants.

In the Exhibition area 16 booths were setup with innovative prototypes shown by the R&D partners, the LASSIE-FP7 demos, the REGENT Luminaires and other products and services in the light domain. 2 booths were dedicated to media partners and a booth for AMIRES. During the workshop AMIRES had the opportunity to promote its projects (including MEDILIGHT and PI-SCALE) and the AMIplexus product.

To find out more about LASSIE-FP7 technologies, Human Centric Lighting and Internet of Things, and others, see LED Professional Review (p.44 -48). To download the event presentations click HERE.