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Internship at AMIRES

Thanks to cooperation with IAESTE that is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization that brings together students and academics around the world and strives for the professional and personal development of students and young graduates we were happy to welcome during this summer our intern Erik who arrived from Norway. Within six weeks Erik was a great help while working on different tasks related to our projects. Erik is young talented focus-oriented person which we believe will be a great colleague and great employee for any company in a future.

Here is what he says about his internship:

“I am Erik Møller Steen, this year’s summer intern at AMIRES, and I study for a Master of Science in nanotechnology with a specialization in bionanotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The background for my choice of studies is an interest in science and technology, and a wish to study a field at the scientific forefront with great potential. This has given me a broad scientific background, but through my studies I have also had courses in project management and finance that made me realize their importance in several aspects of getting research out of the laboratories and to the market and real-world applications. I wanted to explore this further and how it is done in practice. AMIRES is involved in several aspects of research projects and innovation they are highly relevant in that regard, which is why I applied for an internship at AMIRES through IAESTE, an organization that coordinates internships for students throughout the world.

That is a choice I don’t regret! Here I got the possibility and trust to contribute to several aspects of project management previously unknown to me, giving me the opportunity to learn and gain new experiences. Through my various tasks I have worked with projects highly relevant to my field of study and gotten insight into how research is developed into innovative products through cooperation between universities, research institutes and SMEs. By help and guidance from great colleagues I have contributed to the day-to-day organization of projects, market research and reporting, and thus feel that my work is useful and valued.

The diversity of tasks has given me a range of experiences that are truly valuable, and I am certain they will be useful in my future career. My colleagues at AMIRES have done a great job welcoming me, and the international and open environment gave me a wonderful summer in Prague. Thank you, I hope we´ll meet again!”

We would like to thank Erik once again and we hope to meet him in the future. Good luck Erik!