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The Information and Communications Technology Research and Development (ICT R&D) sector is one of the most dynamic sectors in the EU economy. What is the state of R&D in ICT in the EU and beyond? Get an insight into it from the 2020 PREDICT Key Facts Report.

The 2020 PREDICT Key Facts Report provides a detailed analysis of the state of ICT R&D activities in the EU28 and 12 further economies worldwide. The statistical information provided by the figures allows the comparison between: the ICT sector and the total economy; the ICT manufacturing sector and the ICT services sector; the four ICT manufacturing sectors, two ICT services sectors, and MC and RS sectors; EU countries; the EU and the international context (including the most relevant countries in the world economy). The report focuses especially on the ICT R&D macroeconomic dynamics. Report states that the ICT sector is one of the most dynamic sectors in the EU economy, standing out for its high R&D intensity and for a productivity that is higher than that of the whole economy.

  • The size of the EU28 ICT sector in 2017 amounted to 630 billion euros value added (VA),
  • employed 6.3 million people
  • and spent 32 billion euros on R&D (BERD) business expenditures.

The ICT sector represented 4.1% of the EU28 total value added, 2.7% of total employment, 15.2% of total BERD, and 18.1% and 20.4% of the R&D personnel and researchers in the EU28, respectively.

Report avaiable HERE.