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LASSIE-FP7 final results: modular intelligent luminaire

LASSIE-FP7 project finished on 31st December 2016. The final prototype demonstrator fabricated by REGENT consists of two LASSIE-FP7 modules of 20 cm x 20 cm. The final luminaire consists of a white plastic rapid-prototyping moulded-housing, a LED foil with printed circuits heat management layers, a light management foil system and a colour conversion film. An active colour feedback loop is also incorporated in each module.

In the last months LASSIE-FP7 project was mentioned in LED Professional Newsletter, LuxLumina magazine, Bulletin of Electrosuisse and Newspaper L’Express. The LASSIE-FP7 final demonstrator was recently shown at Electrosuisse Forum LED 2017  and at Photonics West 2017 in San Francisco.

As stated by the European Commission after the final review meeting, the project has achieved most of its objectives and technical goals for the period with relatively minor deviations.

The final LASSIE-FP7 press release was published by CSEM in 3 languages on 5th December 2016 (click HERE). Objective of the last press release was to announce the end of the project, to highlight the main achievements and perspectives for future exploitation and to remind and advertise the Workshop in Muttenz. The title was “LASSIE-FP7, a European project that explores innovative intelligent lighting solutions” and it contained publishable contents and pictures from the project, including the LASSIE-FP7 final application case.

The key project results and their potential use were also described in articles published at page 44 of LED Professional, in LuxLumina magazine, in Bulletin 10/2016 (October) of Electrosuisse and an interview with the project coordinator was published in the local Newspaper L’Express.”

Congratulations to the LASSIE-FP7 partners!