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Medical Devices Development, As Fast As Light?

Perhaps Medical Devices cannot be on the market as fast as light, but we can try to accelerate the process. That is what MedPhab will try to do, being the first European Pilot Line of photonics-based medical devices. Photonics21 published a Press Release about MedPhab on June 22, which highlights the importance in finding better, faster and more reliable ways of developing medical devices.  

Medical devices development process takes normally long time from concept to clinical trials, and for instance to be introduced in the market. This process is not only slow but also significantly expensive. MedPhab aims to cut the costs involved in research and development of medical devices and more specifically diagnostic devices using photonics. MedPhab’s aim is to create easy access for European SMEs, researchers and businesses to a unified infrastructure dedicated to manufacturing, testing, validation and up-scaling of new photonics technologies that are used for medical diagnostics. Photonics being the field of physics that studies, uses and manipulates light is capable of helping the doctors and clinicians to understand diseases with greater specificity and sensitivity without being invasive. Helping its clients to implement cutting-edge photonics technologies into their medical diagnostics products, MedPhab believes it will significantly improve health and patient care. Through the Use Case Validation Program, MedPhab will ensure that the prototypes adhere to the highest medical standards, MedPhab selects companies that are validated with ISO13485 standardised manufacturing. (ISO13485 is the standard for a Quality Management System for the design and manufacture of Medical Devices). Use-case companies will cover both in-vivo and in-vitro domains in order to cover three application areas: hospital use, home care devices and equipment for molecular diagnostics. Moreover, the pilot line focuses on technologies such as Fibre optics, Microfluidics, Surface functionalisation, Instrumentation, Optoelectronic integration, Custom medical patches, Miniaturisation for micromodules and wearables. Medical devices development cannot be as fast as light but MedPhab is lightning a faster path. Read the full press release on MedPhab’s website or Photonics21 website.