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Meet our team: Lenka Bajarová

Lenka is Managing Director of AMIRES in the Czech Republic and in September 2021 she will be celebrating an important milestone, 10 years in the company. Lenka started to work for AMIRES in 2011 shortly before the Czech branch of the company was founded and since then, she has been responsible for overseeing and managing its operations.

Before joining AMIRES Lenka gained her experience in European Union’s Framework Programme for R&D as a National Contact Point for several FP7 priorities. She was working in this position for 5 years and was also a Deputy Head of the Department National Information Centre for European Research, co-leading team of Czech FP7 NCPs. During the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2009 she was actively involved in the preparation of two conferences – EUFORDIA 2009 (impact assessment of research and development) and EuroNanoForum 2009.

In AMIRES, during the last 10 years, Lenka was personally involved as Project and Dissemination Manager in many FP7 and H2020 projects such as AMBASSADOR (Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels), PI-SCALE (Bringing flexible organic electronics to pilot innovation scale), SABINA (Smart bi-directional multi energy gateway) or currently Switch2Save (Lightweight switchable smart solutions for energy saving large windows and glass facades). At the same time, she has been overseeing management activities in other projects with AMIRES involvement. Building on this broad experience, she has contributed to the set-up of internal management procedures for EU projects supported by the company and to the transfer of this knowledge and internal standards to new colleagues. Lenka has been also involved in proposal preparation at this moment especially in the Horizon Europe Widening topics.

About 10 years in AMIRES Lenka says: “It is amazing to see, how the company has grown during the last 10 years, both in scope of the AMIRES team itself (raising from 2 team members at the beginning to 18 employees currently) as well as with the portfolio of the services we are ready to provide to our clients. I am very happy I accepted the challenge Rudolf (our CEO) gave me at the beginning and that I has been able to contribute to this amazing adventure. I had the opportunity to work in different research and innovation topics with people with different background (scientific, industrial, business) and I learned a lot (both professionally and personally) thanks to that. It is great to be part of the AMIRES family that I hope will continue to grow in the 10 years ahead of us.”

Apart from the AMIRES family, Lenka is dedicated also to her own family, to which she currently dedicates all her free time.