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MEET OUR TEAM: Mariana Pacheco Blanco

Mariana Pacheco Blanco joined AMIRES team 1 year ago and currently she was justly promoted to programme manager for healthcare domain. Her vision to better communicate science and her active involvement in voluntary activities are worth sharing.

Mariana studied the bachelor in biomedicine in Puebla, Mexico (BUAP). Since then she has been interested in pursuing a scientific career and become passionate about immunology. Mariana continued her study in Mexico City where she obtained a master’s in science, working in an immunology laboratory (CINVESTAV-IPN) and finally completed doctoral studies abroad. Germany brought a good opportunity for her in the Max Planck Institute. After that she moved to the Czech Republic due to personal links, where she stayed in a postdoctoral position at BIOCEV- having fun in the lab however she was inclined to make a switch in her career, and she said:

“Amires has been the perfect place. I can still be in contact with science but also with the knowledge and technology transfer for the development of innovative products. Working at Amires provides me a broader overview of scientific and technological development in Europe and be in the core of leaders in Research organisations and companies.”

In addition to her work at Amires, Mariana participates in voluntary activities. For example, she is a mentor in the programme “Leader Women in STEM”, organized by the US Foundation USMX leaders network. This programme has Mexican women, around the world mentoring high school students from rural areas in Mexico, in addition it provides leadership training in a cycle of 6 months. Since December 2019 she is coordinator of Science, technology and Innovation (STI) of the Mexican Network in the Czech Republic and organizes communication of science articles in the Czech chapter website (in Spanish). Since December 2020 she is part of the Commission of this network that coordinates STI in Europe.

Mariana believes that “It is very important to communicate science”, you can read her articles in the communication website: Immunobites.

Recently she participated in the first Meeting of BUAP Alumni: Legacy and Perspective of Biomedicine at BUAP in the world, which took place on 12-14 January, 2021 in Mexico. Students from the Bachelor of Biomedicine or interested in studying this or similar careers, were the main audience. They could listen Biomedicine BUAP Alumni, who are located in different scientific positions in Mexico and the World. The audience could see the open opportunities that bring the study of this bachelor or similar scientific studies. Mariana had the opportunity to present to alma mater in Mexico her career path, with the title “From bugs to multidisciplinary groups”. Listen to her motivated (HERE from min 25, in Spanish), about her start in Puebla,  Mexico City, Germany to the Czech Republic and her involvement in multidisciplinary groups searching for scientific and technological innovation.