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My stay at AMIRES

My name is Katharina Kosjak and I am currently studying Molecular Biology and Innovation Management at the University of Graz and Campus 02, University of applied sciences. Always fascinated by nature and its regularities, I wanted to focus on life sciences. However, when I made my very first experiences while traveling the world, I discovered the importance of connecting scientists, economists, and politicians. This was the reason I decided to pursue an interdisciplinary study program and combine science and economy. During my studies I used to work as a paramedic, I became a member of the Young European Federalists (JEF) and since February 2020 I have been president of JEF Styria. Through this organization I took part in many international Erasmus programs, I learned a lot about the European Union and I believe it is important to connect the EU with people.
I applied for an internship at AMIRES without knowing much about consulting, but as I know today, it has been the best decision I could have possibly made. At Amires I had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the fields of project management and business innovation, which is fundamentally based on a good network. Amires is a space where Ideas come together and an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and exchanging know-how. It does not only connect ideas, but it also connects people with several backgrounds on an international level. Behind every project is a vision of continuous improvement, creative thinking, and open innovation. The realization of those visions is only possible with a good team and a network to spread ideas. It is fascinating to see the development of projects, starting with the first idea and to follow every step of a unique process. Working at Amires means being part of an outstanding team, working in an environment with an international character, and gaining the first impression of how the world of tomorrow could look like.