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New European manufacturing capacity for photonics-based medical diagnostics

Photonics is based on combining optics and electronics, and it enables various medical applications from diagnostic devices to instruments for treatment. However, both photonics in itself and its areas of application are fragmented, which poses challenges to equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, the strict regulations within the sector slow down the introduction of new solutions. The orders for the pilot production line are made in a centralised manner and channelled to the manufacturer with the best implementation capability.

The European Commission decided to expand the existing photonics pilot-line offering by funding the establishment of MedPhab pilot-line under Horizon 2020 from 1 January 2020, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.  The purpose of MedPhab pilot production line is to accelerate the commercialisation of diagnostic devices and instruments based on photonics, and to reduce the R&D cost. Based on  testing the  validation of the pilot production line on three application areas: hospital environment, home care devices and equipment for chemical diagnostics. Such project needs the cooperation of a consortium of excellent research institutes and companies that have experience in ISO 13485 standardized manufacturing and/or strong expertise in photonics. The consortium gathered together for two days in Brussels (14 – 15 January 2020), Belgium to discuss the challenges and expectations of the four year work process, demonstrating the importance and potential of MedPhab.

More information about the MedPhab pilot line project launch can be accessed HERE.  

Information about the projet and its progress will soon be available on the project website HERE.

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