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New version of AMIPLEXUS released!

Visualise and explore over 20000 funded R&D and Innovation projects!

To gain a competitive edge, the rapid processing of publicly available data and timely extraction of insightful information is of paramount importance. More so, in terms of identifying the key-players in various technological fields and their relationships including their pipeline technologies. Guided by this need, AMIPLEXUS was developed to enable users to efficiently discover the interrelationship and interconnections existing in project-related datasets.

We are pleased to announce that AMIPLEXUS has been upgraded to a “one-stop-shop” multi-dataset platform. The newly updated AMIPLEXUS tool allows users to visualize over 20000 projects funded under the following programmes: Horizon2020 (14838 projects), Eureka (3724 projects) Eurostars (1411 projects) and LIFE (4322 projects). The new version displays relevant project information including a list of all participants for faster and comprehensive data export. Additionally, the users can use full organization names to navigate (instead of EU abbreviations) and create individual organizational networks of project clusters, for better visualisation of partners and their relations.

AMIRES is committed to develop the platform further with additional data sets and various use-case scenarios. Let us know if you have any idea for cooperation.

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