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News from the European Innovation Council (EIC): Women Leadership Programme for innovative entrepreneurs and researchers & Statement on Gender & Diversity in EIC

The European Commission has launched the Women Leadership Programme to provide a dedicated programme of mentoring, skills enhancement and networking for women entrepreneurs and researchers in EIC supported projects. 

Furthermore the EIC has launched mentoring and coaching programme for aspiring women researchers and innovators: the EIC Women Leadership Programme (WLP) where women can apply as of 3 June, 2021. 50 of them will get the training and get a chance to work with personal mentors to define and follow their business strategies. This programme will be extended to projects selected under the new WomenTechEU scheme

In addition to that, on the 3 June, 2021 the European Innovation Pilot Advisory Board has published a Statement on Gender and Diversity which is urging the EIC and other innovation actors to take actions and achieve balanced representation of women and men along the entire innovation chain. It was pointed out that the EIC already made progress by increasing the number of women-led companies awarded with EIC Accelerator funding from 8% to 29%. Moreover, the women represent 50% of the jury members that recommend EIC funding and 42% of the business coaches that advise and mentor EIC supported start-ups.

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