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FP7 project on innovative glass façades systems

AMIRES is a proud partner of FLUIDGLASS FP7 project that was launched on September 1st 2013 and will last for four years until August 2017. The project develops a new and innovative concept for multifunctional solar thermal glass façades systems. The FLUIDGLASS approach turns passive glass façades into active transparent solar collectors while controlling the energy flow through the building envelope at the same time. FLUIDGLASS will bring a significant cost advantage compared to existing solutions; it will increase the thermal performance of the whole building resulting in energy savings potential of 50%-70% for retrofitting and 20%-30% for new low energy buildings while the comfort for the user will be significantly improved at the same time. The consortium led by the University of Lichtenstein brings together partners experienced in glass architecture, building simulation and energy management but also in experimental testing, HVAC systems, manufacturing of glazing units and construction of façades. You can learn more about the project on