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PHABULOus: Takeaways from Workshop on Advances in design, fabrication and applications of free-form micro-optics and new membership in Swissphotonics

PHABULOuS and PHENOmenon came together to organize a joint workshop on advances in design, fabrication and applications of free-form micro-optics. The two day event gathered 100 registered participants and focused on available technologies for production of polymer and hybrid micro-optics, and the advances of direct laser writing, two-photon polymerization and microreplication technologies for industrial production of custom and freeform optical surfaces. If you missed the workshop and you would like to learn more, the video recordings can be accesses on the PHABULOuS YouTube channel.

PHABULOuS membership in Swissphotonics
In addition to becoming a part of EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium, the PHABULOuS Pilot Line Association has recently extended its membership to include Swissphotonics. As collaborations grow we see great potential and interest in the services the PHABULOuS project can offer in the field of free-form micro-optics!