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PrintoCent Webinar on SmartEEs cases

On the 16th March, 2021 the Webinar on success stories of EU-SmartEEs organized by PrintoCent and VTT presented together seven projects.

AMIRES as a business coaching partner of SmartEEs was proud to support the project IoTflexNode – the IoT device that fits and bends, the project by Fuelium SMARTK7 – Smart cassette, Adaptive Architecture Systems (FLXilight) – MESH – modular adaptive skin for high efficiency buildings and last but not least O.light by ESYST – Modern Smart Lighting.

During the presentation, our CEO Rudolf Fryček presented a digital Marketplace for Flexible & Wearable Electronics.

The Marketplace offers Innovation companies the possibility to explore innovative offerings, based on flexible electronics. Moreover, the digital marketplace offers information and contacts to the leading European organizations involved in flexible & wearable technologies research, development, integration and commercialization. The SmartEEs Marketplace is a place to innovate the business of SMEs, Mid-caps and Large companies while scouting for new business opportunities with flexible electronics technologies and to connect supply (ready to integrate products, prototypes, services) & demand (designers, integrators, solution providers, vendors), and to facilitate the promotion of innovative products.

To learn more about SmartEEs, click HERE.