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Renaissance of chemical and biological sensors

PolymersAMIRES co-organized a lobbying event on sensors in Brussels on 19 April 2016. European Sensor System Cluster (ESSC) initiated the event and Rudolf Fryček participated in the event as a Project Technical Advisor of the ESSC cluster. Challenges and roadmap for 2020 and beyond were presented. Presentations from the event are available only for cluster members who can contact their WG leaders. The European Sensor Systems Cluster (ESSC) identifies technical or non-technical challenges for (bio)chemical sensing and highlight opportunities resulting from nanotechnology, microsystems integration, advanced data evaluation, their manufacturing, commercialization and systemic integration. ESSC mobilizes a pan-European network, ready to advice, assist and execute the national or international measures leading to strengthened position of European Research and Innovation. If you would like to learn more about the ESSC, please contact Rudolf Fryček.