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Simplify your tracking – IOTSU® by Small Data Garden

Watch the video we’ve created together with Small Data Garden within the SmartEEs project to see what kind of solutions it brings to life.

IOTSU Flexi is a flexible, plaster-like node that enables remote monitoring of assets and measurement of various parameters for a wide range of applications. The capability to measure acceleration, orientation, position, temperature and moisture levels makes it perfect for applications ranging from medicine and sport to premium parcel services and cold-chain management. The option to extend this solution with other sensors makes the breadth of use case scenarios practically limitless.

The three-way cooperation between Small Data Garden, VTT as the technology provider and AMIRES providing business support, has proven to be invaluable in creating a market ready technology within a short time frame. Such cases will also be supported within SmartEEs 2 project so stay tuned for news about that as its first Open Call is about to launch in March!​​​​​​