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Success Stories– An Effective Impact of Coaching

Platinn Coaching, the Western Switzerland Innovation Platform, fosters the innovation capabilities and competitiveness of start-ups and SMEs. Amires’s CEO Rudolf Fryček, is a Platinn cooperation coach and since 2011 he has been helping SMEs to reach their milestones.
 Lately, two SMEs- regenHU and Daphne experienced an effective impact of the coaching that enabled them to complete the development and testing of its system and put new innovative products on the market. The coaching was primarily focused on the evaluation of European public funding opportunities and the establishment of partnerships in order to develop new products.  Both cases succeeded to get funding from the framework of Horizon 2020, the EU financial tool for innovation.

The success stories belong to regenHU and Daphne that have done a huge step towards:

  • Regenerative medicine – by replacing diseased tissue with healthy, artificially produced tissue
  • Decreasing maritime pollution– by developing a system to purify exhaust thanks to nanotechnology which eliminates up to 99.3% of sulfur oxides and 85% of nitrogen oxides.
regenHU has dedicated its engineering skills to cutting-edge 3D bioprinting solutions, allowing the artificial creation of biological tissues. regenHU develops both software and instruments. Their printers biofacture “in vitro” models to be able to test new products or develop human tissues for regenerative medicine.

Amires CEO, Rudolf Fryček helped regenHu to set up the search for partners and the preparation of the project proposal. regenHU is now part of the Horizon 2020 European funded project Organtrans aims to develop a disruptive solution that enables the 3D printing of tissue-engineered constructs.

sells Nanotechnology-based exhaust, catalyst-free, dry scrubber (air pollution reduction technology), which allow cargo ships to comply with the International Maritime Organization regulations on the emissions, while still using Heavy Fuel Oil, which come into effect in 2020. Shipowners around the world will now have to run their ships on fuel containing 0.5% sulfur compared to 3.5% so far. The company has developed a system to purify exhaust gases, called SulPure, this filtration works thanks to nanotechnology which eliminates up to 99.3% of sulfur oxides and 85% of nitrogen oxides. At the end of the process, the exhaust gases are converted into solid particles which can then be recovered to be destroyed or possibly used as fertilizer.

Daphne Technology received 2.5 million euros in European grants in the framework of Horizon 2020. With this latest boost, Daphne Technology will be able to complete the development and testing of its system by the end of the year.  Dr. Mario Michal, Founder and Chief Executive of Daphne said: “Thanks to Rudolf Fryček experience, we were able to understand the European subsidy system. There are a lot of scholarships and grants, but they all operate according to specific rules. Rudolf helped us identify the programs we could apply for, and then formalize our proposal for Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator. He is truly an expert in his field.”
Horizon 2020, the EU financial tool for innovation is indeed a very useful fund contribution to SMEs to do applied research and therefore to be able to put new innovative products on the market later.

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