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The MOSAIC project is entering its final phase!

The consortium aims at constructing the prototype of a fixed semi-Fresnel solar concentrator and an ad-hoc mobile receiver. This novel approach of CSP plants will optimize the cost of the installation per Kwh; besides, it will be modular and scalable to adapt to the needs of the solar industry and energy demands.

The prototype at Cener facilities in Sangüesa is on its way towards its final state, as depicted in this video created by Increscendo:

Here is a brief overview of the last works carried out on the construction site:  

  • The mounting towers for the mobile elements and the oven have been erected.
  • The mechanical, optical and electrical elements of the tracking system have been installed and are being tested.
  • The innovative dummy hoses have been connected to the receiver.
  • The meteorological station has been connected to the tracking system, and the DCS of the whole prototype has been updated to achieve a full control of the plant.

The next key step will be the installation of the field of the solar mirrors, along with the evaluation of a watering system for the mirrors.

For more information, do not hesitate to visit the MOSAIC website. For the latest news about the tracking system by Tekniker, click HERE