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The Purpose of Our New Logo


With 50% success rate, we are one of the best consultancy companies for EU projects, but we were certainly the consultancy with the least visible logo. Even European Commission officials were asking us, why don’t we have a higher visibility in our printed leaflets and roll-ups. So far it followed a simple logic – we wanted to put our clients first, us second. Now, AMIRES is managing R&D projects of a value over 200M€ and has partners in almost all member states. We connect unconnected competencies, build new value chains, construct new networks and ecosystems. AMIRES brings often the missing piece for complex consortia or for business oriented partnerships. This is perfectly represented by our new dynamic logo, featuring missing elements and turquoise colour representing wisdom, trustworthiness, freedom, stability and harmony. All is perfectly fitting our supporting mindset, for our clients, for new proposals and for running projects.

Ubrings often the missing piece for complex consortia (1).png