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Tumor-LN-oC website has been launched!

After the project officially kicked off in May, we are happy to announce that the website for the Tumor-LN-oC project is now live!

Tumor-LN-oC proposes the development and validation of a tumor-lymph node-on-chip platform that will connect primary surgically removed human tumors and lymph node tissue from the same lung cancer patient. The research and proposed technologies will provide added value to the EU cancer diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. and lower the barriers associated with the application of OoC technology in disease diagnosis and therapy.

To learn more about the project team as well as the objectives and envisioned impact of Tumor-LN-oCs, you are welcome visit the project website which is now available here: There, you will also find the contact form to get in touch with the partners for additional information. The news section will be regularly updated with the latest news about the project´s progress.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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