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AMIplexus: a tool for innovation decisions, success and updates

Finding new cooperation or business partners? Scouting for new technology? Fast overview in any R&D domain? Those are the most performed searches in AMIplexus performed by AMIRES, but also by AMIPLEXUS subscribed clients, including among others: Max Planck Society (Germany), VTT (Finland), CSEM (Switzerland), EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium), Don Gnocchi Foundation (Italy), CYRIC – Business Innovation Center (Cyprus). Ask us what AMIplexus can do for you, get 15 min introduction and 24 hours access for free!

But we don’t have crossed arms with this success, we are committed to continually improve and upgrade our AMIPLEXUS PLATFORM . Recently we have included the most up-to-date information for the Eurostars (March 15th 2018) and Eureka (April 15th 2018) funding programmes.

Users can visualize Eurostars data with inclusion of both the “Type of organization” and “Country” categories differentiated by differing colours, which was not available in previous versions. Currently for the Eureka program, this colour differentiation feature works for the “Country” category.

Moreover, for the Horizon 2020 dataset the users were able to search information relating to various Topics, Calls and even Funding Schemes. In a similar fashion, with the current updates on Eurostars and Eureka programmes, the users are able to filter their searches on either Technology areas and / or Market areas which are analogous to “Topics” and “Calls” found within the H2020 programme.

To demonstrate the applicability of AMIplexus platform we have been also publishing a series of reports and targeted analysis on various relevant technological areas. The technological analysis cover trending topics such as: Photovoltaics, Spectral Imaging, Autonomous Vehicles, Regenerative Medicine , Photonic Integrated Circuits, Collaborative Robots , Smart Factories and recently Flexible, Wearable and Organic Electronics.